Robot Mesh Brands

Robot Mesh is proud to supply the following brands:

  • Flowol Softwareis straightforward, yet powerful, visual flowchart programming software. See for complete information.
  • VEX Robotics built around a powerful ARM Cortex controller, the VEX robotics system is a strong, metal construction solution for the most demanding robots. Also used in the world-wide VEX Robotics Competition.
  • Arduino official manufactures of the Arduino microcontrollers and shields.
  • DF-Robot are the manufacturers of a range of robotics kits, Arduino-compatible microcontrollers and shields and a large array of sensors and electronics components.
  • Parallax robotics kits and sensors are an outstanding solution for the classroom. See for resources.
  • PICAXE microcontrollers are the inexpensive brain of your electronic project. Microcontrollers, robots and educational kits available.
  • SparkFun innovative e-textiles and Arduino products and accessories.