Turnkey solution for learning robotics programming

No experience required Guided tutorials introduce all programming blocks.

Students work at their own pace Progressive series of modules work step-by-step.

Online browser solution No installation required.  Supports remote learning.

Drag and Drop Blockly coding Program visually by snapping blocks together.

REAL and VIRTUAL better together Courses for VEX IQ and VEX V5 robots. Download and run your program on real hardware.

VIQC and VRC Preparation Learn autonomous and driver control coding

No ROBOT, No PROBLEM Virtual robots and arenas give immediate feedback.

Motors and Sensors All motor functions and robot sensors simulated with realistic 3D graphics and physics.

Learn Programming Constructs If/Else, Variables, Loops, Functions, Threads.

Gamify Learning Fun scenarios with goals and points to score.

Track Progress with Dashboard Focus your energy where it’s most needed.

From Blockly to Python See the Python code side-by-side.